Why DakDel?

DakDel Technologies was formed by a family that enjoys outdoor recreational activities every chance they get. From camping in state parks/forests to kayaking springs, lakes and rivers, attending running events across the country, or bikepacking in remote areas of wilderness, exploring the outdoors gives us a chance to disconnect from the day to day stresses that life delivers.

Sticking with our strong family bond, the DakDel name was derived from a combination of our daughter’s names, Dakota and Delsie. It only seemed fitting to use this name, to keep family as the foundation for our journeys ahead.

Although disconnecting is an awesome experience, bringing the convenience and necessities with you on your journey is also important. Every time a challenge is presented, we tend to work towards a solution. We’ve formed DakDel to share these solutions with like minded adventurers. Please look around, and know that your purchases are going towards supporting a small, family run business and contributing to research and development of the next practical solution.